Colour Pink

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Essence of Self Love


  • judgmental of self and others
  • fearful of change
  • limited perception of self and others
  • being stuck
  • stress


  • insight, allows integration of new ideas and concepts with ease. Embracing change
  • forgiveness of self and therefore others
  • assists in new perception of the self, when we look at ourselves with love we observe others and the world around us with the same perception. And therefore embracing change in ourselves
  • tolerance, quietens the critic within

More Information:

The loving energy of the Colour Pink vibration allows us to link into the astral levels, the levels of energy which are beyond our own imagination. In doing so we are not confronted by the difference between ourselves and others but become aware of others in a way that is expansive. The essence enhances the ability to look beyond our own experience to see the viewpoints of others, but also to embrace change. When we see or perceive through loving eyes, we become open to the new in ourselves, others and the world around us.

Recommended Usage: Use one to two drops under the tongue, several times a day. Use until bottle is finished.

Essence to use in combination: Colour Turquoise, Energiser, Let Go of Fear, Let Go of Envy II

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