Hidden Dominator Guilt

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Essence of Liberation


  • feeling constantly guilty
  • saying sorry frequently without due cause
  • overly concerned and worried about others’ feelings
  • feeling responsible for others but feeling that you do not live up to the responsibility


  • understanding your true place in the scheme of life
  • accepting your own limitations
  • feeling freedom from the burden of responsibility

More Information:

Guilt in the toxic form is used to control us. If we feel guilty we act to compensate for our own guilt, we try harder to do better for others. We take on responsibilities for others which are not really ours to take on; then feel guilty that we haven’t fulfilled our responsibilities. We may see need in others and take on the burden of their loneliness. The feeling of guilt is often a self punishment for what we feel we have wrongly done. Others try to use guilt to control, using the energy pathways well established within us, to gain the energy they need from us.

The Hidden Dominator Guilt essence highlights the pathways of guilt which lie within, helping to release the burden of assumed responsibilities and fears. Helping us to see that in letting others take responsibility for their own needs, we give them the freedom to grow.

Recommended Usage: One to four drops in a water bottle, drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essences to use in combination: Bring Joy, Love

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