Hidden Dominator Passive

$19.00 Quantity:

Essence of Candor


  • gossip (not being open with others about needs and wants)
  • manipulative behaviours that are indirect but appear to be open and friendly



  • emotional growth, assists user to be open regarding their needs being met in a non-confrontational manner
  • supports the inner child in vocalising its needs

More Information:

Passive methods create an energy space which others fill. In a simple example, those who leave gaps in conversation invite others to fill the conversational space. It is the same with actions required; those who are passive can wait until others offer to fill the space of action, getting their needs met indirectly. Hidden Dominator Passive essence helps release the passive behaviours individuals use to gain energy allowing them to move toward a more proactive approach to life.

Recommended Usage: One to four drops in a water bottle, drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essences to use in combination: Lighten Up

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