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Essence of Higher Purpose


  • release of compacted energy gradually allows the reconnected feeling to source
  • the feeling of being disconnected
  • in areas of low energy, tiredness
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • alot of stress in your life


  • the sense of the highest purpose within. Feeling relaxed. Feeling trust
  • deeper Tuning In and meditation and feeling of being connected to Source energy

More Information:

The more the thoughts and feelings accumulate around the crown the less we feel noble, queen, king, priest, priestess. Our obligations make us focus on the mundane and we forget the purpose of our journey, becoming increasingly distracted from the purpose of our lives by our constant to do lists which the brain just wants to keep handy.

We don’t necessarily need to know what the highest purpose is in immediate terms, but we are working towards our greatest dream, contribution allows us to navigate the to do list in an energetic fashion without being overwhelmed by the feeling of responsibility, fear and so on.

Recommended usage: One to two drops under the tongue each day.

Essences to use in combination: Heart and Mind, Colour Green, Male Dominator, Female Dominator

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"I had a sore knee which I had recently twisted. Even though I had been diagnosised with arthritis in the knee, I put several drops of "Spinal Clearance" around my knee, and within a short time I felt a tingling and 20 minutes later the pain had subsided t"
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