Disperse Cloudy Emotion

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Essence of Joy


  • emotionally cloudy, shock, exhausted, fearful, heaviness, confusion
  • depression
  • stress


  • the release of egoic perspective and the associated emotion
  • clearing blocked emotion e.g. resentment and anxiety
  • supports clear communication and expressing oneself with ease
  • enhances calm

More Information:

Disperse Cloudy Emotion is the essence of choice for mental disturbance. The mental and corresponding emotional disturbance comes in many forms, such as sudden news, conflict with others and so on. These events distort the emotions and hence the name - Disperse Cloudy Emotion. The true nature of the mental disturbance only comes to light when the clouds of emotion are dispelled. Only then can the true beauty of the construct, the path of the self belief, can be seen. When mental and emotional disturbance arise in situations such as shock from trauma, unexpected events, betrayal and so on, the eruption of emotions removes the person from dealing with the situation as they are now unconnected from ‘reality’. The emotions become the individual’s ‘reality’. In the limbo of emotional shock the individual is reactive instead of active. Disperse Cloudy Emotions acts to soothe and harmonise troubled emotional states leading to emotional clarity and action rather than reaction.

Recommended Usage: One to four drops in a water bottle, drink throughout the day. Use over several days.

Essences to use in combination : Colour Blue, Let Go of Envy

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